Revolutionizing Metal Processing: Rongke's Advanced Furnace Lineup for Steel and Aluminum Melting

Grand News Network | July 11, 2024

China, 11th Jul 2024 - The metal melting industry has seen a growing demand for more efficient processes, driven by increasing global industrialization and technological advancements. Amidst this growing market, Rongke has established itself as a pioneering force. Founded in 2013 in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Rongke Industrial Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. swiftly scaled up by investing 300 million yuan in 2020 to set up Guangdong Rongke Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shaoguan City. Notably, Rongke was the first in the sector to achieve EU CE certification and ISO quality management system certification, marking its status as a high-tech enterprise and earning various accolades for quality and innovation.


Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace

Rongke's Intermediate Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace showcases state-of-the-art technology with interactive windows and superior craftsmanship, ensuring safe, stable, and energy-efficient production. This furnace for melting steel is at the industry's forefront in materials, processing technology, and craftsmanship.

Advantages Over Traditional Furnaces

  • 30% lower noise than similar products.
  • Fully enclosed furnace shell reduces coil ignition risk from dust.
  • Minimal magnetic radiation, only 10% of similar products and well below national standards.

Aluminum Melting Induction Furnace

The aluminum melting induction furnace is designed specifically for aluminum, this furnace emphasizes energy efficiency and environmental benefits, making it ideal for sustainable operations.


Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Built for durability, these Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are perfect for heavy industries, featuring robust construction details that withstand rigorous use.

Steel Frame Furnaces

These Steel Frame Furnaces offer flexibility and enhanced safety features, making them suitable for smaller scale operations. The magnet yoke, made from high-quality silicon steel, supports the induction coil effectively, concentrating the magnetic field to the molten bath and ensuring efficient operation with minimal magnetic loss. Customizations are available to meet diverse industrial needs.


Technological Advancements

Rongke's intermediate frequency coreless technology enhances metal melt quality and reduces energy use. Key advancements include a stable tilting drive system, an advanced cooling system using enclosed distilled water with safety monitoring, and a 360° dust hood for efficient emission control, all designed for superior performance and safety.


Industry Applications

Rongke induction furnace for melting steel caters to a variety of industries, enhancing steel, aluminum, and heavy industrial production. A notable case is Foshan Huifu Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which, in 2019, implemented a 10t series one-to-two electric furnace melting system from Rongke. This installation significantly optimized their steel product manufacturing, backed by Rongke's comprehensive support, including tailored engineering solutions, which earned high acclaim from the client.


Environmental and Economic Impact

Rongke's advanced furnace technology significantly reduces carbon emissions and enhances operational efficiency, resulting in considerable cost savings over time. This alignment with environmental goals and economic benefits positions Rongke as a leader in sustainable industrial practices.


Future Outlook

Rongke is continuously innovating, with plans to introduce more energy-efficient furnace designs. As the metal melting industry evolves towards greener and more technologically advanced solutions, Rongke is well-prepared to lead the market by adapting and expanding its technology offerings to meet future demands.


Final Words

Rongke's advanced furnace lineup is revolutionizing metal processing for steel and aluminum industries. By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as intermediate frequency coreless induction and sophisticated safety systems, Rongke furnaces offer unparalleled efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and significant cost savings. As the industry progresses, Rongke remains at the forefront, committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring their furnaces not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the metal processing industry.

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