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Grand News Network | June 13, 2024

Welcome to DGStoreUK, your ultimate destination for high-quality herbs, spices, dried flowers, teas, and natural products. With over seven years of experience in the UK market, DGStoreUK has established itself as a trusted source for pure and premium ingredients. Whether you're looking to enhance your recipes or seek natural solutions for your health, DGStoreUK offers an extensive collection that caters to all your needs.

United Kingdom, 13th Jun 2024 - Welcome to DGStoreUK, your ultimate destination for high-quality herbs, spices, dried flowers, teas, and natural products. With over seven years of experience in the UK market, DGStoreUK has established itself as a trusted source for pure and premium ingredients. Whether you're looking to enhance your recipes or seek natural solutions for your health, DGStoreUK offers an extensive collection that caters to all your needs.

Spring Sale: Enjoy 10% Off and Free Shipping

As spring blooms, DGStoreUK is excited to announce a special one-week holiday break sale. Enjoy a 10% discount on all products with a minimum spend of £10. Additionally, we offer free shipping across the UK, making it easier and more affordable to stock up on your favorite natural products. For our international customers, we welcome you to shop at, where you can enjoy our premium selection no matter where you are.

Explore Our Wide Range of Products

What's New

Stay up-to-date with our latest arrivals and discover new products that have just hit our shelves. From superfoods to herbal teas, DGStoreUK continually expands its product range to offer you the best in natural and organic ingredients. Our new arrivals section is constantly updated to ensure that you have access to the freshest and most innovative products available.

Flowers & Petals

Our collection of dried flowers and petals is perfect for adding a touch of nature to your teas, crafts, and culinary creations. Dried flowers can be used in a variety of ways, from making soothing herbal teas to creating beautiful decorations. Some of our popular items include:

  • Arnica Flowers: Priced at £2.29 for 5g, these flowers are known for their medicinal properties, particularly in treating bruises and inflammation.
  • Blue Cornflower Petals: At £2.79 for 5g, these vibrant petals are highly rated by our customers. They are often used to add color to teas, salads, and desserts.
  • Butterfly Pea Flowers: With 294 reviews, these flowers are a favorite at £2.29 for 5g. Known for their striking blue color, they can be used to make visually stunning teas and cocktails.

Loose Leaf Tea

Indulge in our premium loose leaf teas, sourced from the finest tea gardens around the world. Our selection includes a variety of green, black, white, and herbal teas, each carefully selected for their unique flavors and health benefits. Here are some highlights:

  • Jade Eyes - Green Tea: A top-quality green tea priced at £10.09 for 50g. This tea is known for its delicate flavor and numerous health benefits, including high levels of antioxidants.
  • Gunpowder Temple of Heaven - Green Tea: Enjoy this robust tea for £4.09 for 50g. Its tightly rolled leaves produce a rich and slightly smoky flavor.
  • Yue Guang Bai - White Moonlight Tea: A delicate white tea available for £5.79 for 50g. This tea offers a subtle, sweet flavor and is perfect for a relaxing afternoon tea session.


Our extensive range of herbs is perfect for both culinary and medicinal uses. Herbs have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and to enhance the flavor of foods. Some of our popular choices include:

  • Birch Leaf: Available for £2.59 for 25g. Birch leaf is known for its diuretic properties and is often used in detox teas.
  • Raspberry Leaf: Priced at £2.49 for 25g, perfect for making herbal teas that support women's health.
  • Dandelion Leaf: At £2.59 for 25g, known for its detoxifying properties and often used to support liver health.

Roots & Barks

Discover the benefits of our high-quality roots and barks. Whether you're looking to enhance your health or add a unique flavor to your dishes, our selection includes a variety of options:

  • Liquorice Root: On sale for £12.79 for 1kg. Liquorice root is known for its sweet flavor and is used in both culinary and medicinal applications.
  • Catuaba Bark: A potent herb available for £2.99 for 25g. It is traditionally used to support sexual health and improve energy levels.


Boost your nutrition with our range of superfoods, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Superfoods are known for their high nutrient density and can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. Popular choices include:

  • Milk Thistle Seeds: Priced at £2.99 for 50g, known for their liver-supporting properties. They can be ground into a powder and added to smoothies or teas.
  • Bee Pollen Granules: At £3.49 for 50g, these granules are a powerhouse of nutrients. Bee pollen is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it a great addition to your breakfast cereal or yogurt.

Bath Products

Pamper yourself with our selection of bath products, designed to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Our bath bomb molds and natural bath additives are perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere at home. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath with our high-quality products, which include essential oils, bath salts, and more.

Tea Preparation

To fully enjoy the benefits and flavors of our teas, proper tea preparation is essential. DGStoreUK offers a range of tea accessories, including infusers, teapots, and cups, to enhance your tea-drinking experience. Our tea preparation tools are designed to help you brew the perfect cup of tea every time.

DGStoreUK's Commitment to Quality

At DGStoreUK, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our team carefully selects each item to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards for purity and potency. We believe that natural products should be free from harmful chemicals and additives, and we work hard to source ingredients that are sustainably and ethically produced.

Our Sourcing Process

We source our products from reputable suppliers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our herbs, spices, and teas are grown in optimal conditions to ensure their potency and flavor. We also prioritize fair trade practices and work with suppliers who provide fair wages and safe working conditions for their workers.

Quality Control

Every product that we offer undergoes thorough quality control testing to ensure its purity and potency. Our team of experts conducts rigorous testing to verify that our products are free from contaminants and meet our high standards. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive only the best products when you shop at DGStoreUK.

Customer Reviews: Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

DGStoreUK prides itself on delivering exceptional products and service. Don't just take our word for it—here's what some of our customers have to say:

  • Jules on Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - Green Tea: "This is my favorite of all teas. The quality is excellent, better than the equivalent tea from a major supermarket chain that supplies the palace."
  • Sacha K on Oolong Milk - Oolong Tea: "Absolutely beautiful. The perfect balance of creamy, smooth, and vegetal flavors combined. Lovely mouthfeel, too."
  • Mary-lou Barratt: "Everything in my order was exactly as described on the website and very good quality. It all arrived very quickly and nicely packaged. I highly recommend DG Store."

These reviews highlight the consistent quality and exceptional service that DGStoreUK provides. Our customers appreciate the effort we put into sourcing and delivering high-quality natural products.

Why Choose DGStoreUK?

Extensive Product Range

DGStoreUK offers one of the most extensive selections of herbs, spices, teas, and natural products available online. Whether you're looking for a specific ingredient or exploring new options, our wide range ensures that you'll find what you need.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer our products at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our Spring Sale, which offers a 10% discount on orders over £10 and free UK shipping, is just one example of how we provide great value to our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. We believe in providing a seamless shopping experience, from browsing our website to receiving your order. Our team is here to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

We understand the importance of receiving your order promptly. That's why we offer fast and reliable shipping options. With free shipping across the UK on orders over £10, you can enjoy your favorite products without worrying about additional costs. International customers can also shop with ease at

Eco-Friendly Practices

At DGStoreUK, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We use eco-friendly packaging materials and strive to reduce waste throughout our operations. By choosing DGStoreUK, you are supporting a company that values sustainability and environmental responsibility.

How to Make the Most of Your DGStoreUK Products

Incorporating Superfoods into Your Diet

Superfoods are a fantastic way to boost your nutrition and improve your overall health. Here are some simple ways to incorporate them into your daily routine:

  • Smoothies: Add a tablespoon of bee pollen granules or milk thistle seed powder to your morning smoothie for an extra nutritional boost.
  • Salads: Sprinkle dried flowers like blue cornflower petals or butterfly pea flowers over your salads for a colorful and nutritious garnish.
  • Teas: Brew herbal teas using our loose leaf herbs and roots for a soothing and health-enhancing beverage.

Creating Herbal Remedies

Herbs have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Here are some simple herbal remedies you can make at home:

  • Detox Tea: Combine birch leaf, dandelion leaf, and raspberry leaf to create a detoxifying tea that supports liver health and helps flush out toxins.
  • Sore Throat Gargle: Brew a strong tea using liquorice root and add a pinch of salt. Use this gargle to soothe a sore throat and reduce inflammation.
  • Sleep Aid: Steep valerian root in hot water for a calming tea that helps promote restful sleep.

Enhancing Your Bath Experience

Create a spa-like experience at home with our range of bath products. Here are some ideas to enhance your bath time:

  • Bath Bombs: Use our bath bomb molds to create your own customized bath bombs. Add essential oils, dried flowers, and natural colorants for a luxurious bath experience.
  • Bath Salts: Mix Epsom salts with a few drops of essential oil and dried flowers to create relaxing bath salts. These salts help soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation.

Culinary Uses for Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can elevate your cooking by adding depth and flavor to your dishes. Here are some culinary uses for our products:

  • Seasonings: Use gochugaru, Korean red pepper, to add a spicy kick to your dishes. It's perfect for making kimchi or adding heat to soups and stews.
  • Herbal Blends: Create your own herbal blends by combining dried herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage. Use these blends to season meats, vegetables, and sauces.
  • Tea Blends: Experiment with different combinations of loose leaf teas and dried herbs to create your own unique tea blends. Add dried flowers like hibiscus or rose petals for a beautiful and aromatic brew.

About DGStoreUK

DGStoreUK offers a wide range of premium herbs, spices, dried flowers, teas, and natural products. With over seven years on the UK market, DGStoreUK is known for its quality selection and pure ingredients. Find the perfect ingredient for your recipes or natural solutions for your health with DGStoreUK's extensive collection. Explore the benefits of natural and organic products today!

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DGStoreUK is committed to providing you with the best natural products on the market. Take advantage of our Spring Sale to enjoy 10% off and free UK shipping on all orders over £10. Explore our wide range of herbs, teas, spices, and more to find the perfect products for your needs. Shop now and experience the quality and purity that DGStoreUK has to offer.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, enhance your culinary creations, or create a relaxing bath experience, DGStoreUK has the products you need. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for all your natural product needs.

Happy shopping and enjoy the benefits of nature with DGStoreUK!


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