Sensory Tent Launches to Provide Essential Sensory Solutions for Families

Grand News Network | April 13, 2024

Australia, 13th Apr 2024 – Recognising a crucial gap in the market for accessible sensory support, Sensory Tent officially launches today, offering a range of high-quality sensory solutions designed to help children and families manage sensory needs. From blackout sensory tents to bed regulation tunnels, SensoryTent is seeking to offer solutions for every situation.

Many children, particularly those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory processing disorder, or anxiety, experience challenges with regulating their sensory input. The world can feel overwhelming, with sights, sounds, textures, and even movement causing distress. This can lead to meltdowns, difficulty focusing, sleep problems, and overall reduced well-being.

Sensory tents provide a safe and calming space where children can retreat, regulate their senses, and develop coping mechanisms. These enclosed environments offer a sense of security, with customizable features that create a personalised calming experience.

These tents aren't just for managing difficult moments. They also foster relaxation, improve focus, boost sleep quality, and support overall development, particularly for children with sensory challenges.

Sensory Tent is the brainchild of Dorian Jocquet, an entrepreneur and expert in digital marketing. His passion for sensory solutions stems from personal experience — as a child, Dorian would often seek refuge under tables and blankets, finding the enclosed space helped him feel calmer and more focused. Years later, recognizing the transformative potential of such spaces, particularly for children with sensory needs, he embarked on a journey to create the Sensory Tent online shop.

"Our mission is to make high-quality sensory tents accessible and affordable for families," says Dorian. "We understand that existing options can be expensive or limited in variety. We aim to change that with a carefully curated selection, ensuring every child can find their perfect sensory sanctuary.”

Moreover, Dorian remarked on how difficult these items are to find in normal retail outlets — and when parents do find them, they quickly discover the subpar quality of these tents despite their exorbitant prices.

Sensory Tent offers both regulation bed tents for a calming sleep environment and dedicated sensory tents for focused relaxation and play. Beyond these specialised tents, the company also carries a delightful range of indoor and outdoor play and camping tents, fostering imagination and fun for all children.

Sensory Tent is now open for business, offering a seamless online shopping experience and Australia-wide shipping. Families and caregivers are invited to explore the collection and discover the transformative power of sensory solutions.

The company understands that families may be eligible for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to assist with the purchase of sensory equipment. They’re committed to making the process as smooth as possible and provide resources and guidance on their website for those seeking NDIS support.

Visit to browse the selection and find the perfect sensory tent to support your child's needs and well-being.

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