Sungold hi-power series has obtained the industry’s IEC international authoritative certification

Grand News Network | January 15, 2024

Shenzhen, China, 15th Jan 2024 – Under the current national strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the photovoltaic energy industry is rapidly entering the fast lane of green and low-carbon transformation. Today, Sungold showed its sword: Hi-Power series portable solar panels were officially issued the international authoritative certification agency SGS IEC TS 63163 standard certification; IEC TS 63163 was promulgated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in September 2021. Design and testing standards for consumer photovoltaic products.

Sungold hi-power series has obtained the industry’s IEC international authoritative certification

This time, consumer photovoltaic application products usually undergo repeated testing, multiple drops and stress. Therefore, IEC TS 63163 adds mechanical durability testing, which has higher and more stringent requirements for the mechanical strength of the product.

Chairman of Sungold said: “IEC TS 63163 is a strictly implemented standard for the design and testing of consumer photovoltaic application products. It is also the most recognized international standard in the world. Successfully passing the certification of this standard is a long-term success for Sungold. Committed to the technological innovation and product upgrading and optimization of off-grid solar, it also provides a stronger guarantee for the reliability and safety of ancient photovoltaic products. In the future, the entry threshold for entering the off-grid solar market will be further raised, and IEC certification It means that the products have high design standards, manufacturing standards, and product standards, and the value they bring to users is that product quality, reliability, and safety are more guaranteed.

As a leader in the manufacturing of flexible solar panels and portable solar panels, Sungold leads the way in consumer photovoltaic products. Comprehensively realize authoritative certification of international standards on a global scale, leading the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and putting customers first.

In addition, from the perspective of certification testing, IEC certification testing projects are rigorous and comprehensive, including power testing, static load testing, drop testing, hot and cold cycle testing, humidity and freezing testing, damp and heat testing, leakage testing, insulation withstand voltage testing, and short circuit hot spot testing. 18 more items. The Hi-Power series of consumer photovoltaic products successfully passed this series of rigorous tests, verifying that the safety, durability, reliability and performance stability of its products meet international standards.

Series products approved by Sungold

The three series of products HP-D2, HP-D, and HP-S that have passed the IEC TS 63163 standard certification this time have passed strict wet leakage and insulation withstand voltage tests. They are durable in all environments and truly realize green electricity use, safety and worry-free.

Among them, the HP-S series adopts high-end SunPower cell design, which can achieve photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 25%, far exceeding the industry average. It is the only portable photovoltaic product in the world that adopts high-efficiency imported cell design. It is an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers. Ideal for those who want to experience off-grid living.

Sungold hi-power series has obtained the industry’s IEC international authoritative certification

This time, Sungold’s products have received the world’s most authoritative certification for consumer-grade photovoltaic modules, which has promoted the establishment of international certification standards for consumer-grade photovoltaics. This fully demonstrates the technological advantages and comprehensive strength of Sungold’ leading industry. In the future, Sungold solar will continue to deepen our efforts in the field of consumer-grade energy storage, continue to increase innovation and research and development efforts, and dedicate more efforts to the principle of “One World, One Home, Blue Skies”.

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